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duck, duck, noose.

i'm jack donaghy, dammit

8 June
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in dummy glasses and a cardigan;

ELYSSA has handwriting that resembles an awry polygraph test. She has a knack for watching people do impersonations of other people and does so on not-so-rare occasion. She reads way too much and thinks that Tina Fey and Stephen King are as genius as genius gets. She also plays the guitar with a passion equal to that of her love for TV and murder-mysteries. She loves to think, and more importantly, she loves to dream. She also adores airplanes, and averagely amusing alliterations.

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30 rock, acoustic guitar, airplane rides, airplanes, alliterations, ambiguity, amy poehler, andrew belle, angie harmon, anthropology, apple tea, arm warmers, bananas, bandannas, being creative, bill hader, books, boots, bubble wrap, castle, caustic humor, clouds, comedy, computational linguistics, concentric circles, controversy, craft, creating, creative insults, crossovers, crosswords, cynicism, dihydrogen oxide, dinosaur, doodles, drawing, duct tape, eagle eye, edgar allan poe, ellen pompeo, film, florence + the machine, folding clothes, fred armisen, glasses, grammar, greg laswell, grey's anatomy, human anatomy, imagining things, impersonations, impressions, improv, inception, indie music, ingrid michaelson, jeans, jimmy fallon, jon hamm, julianna margulies, jumping jacks, juno, katie herzig, knitting, laces, late nights, laura marling, law and order svu, linguistics, lip gloss, literature, lizards, lnjf, long walks, lyrics, making lists, mariska hargitay, maximilien robespierre, mean girls, middle names, mind games, minesweeper, movie marathons, mumford and sons, new york city, number two pencils, packing suitcases, parks & recreation, parodies, patrick dempsey, philosophy, photography, pittsburgh, poetry, quotes, rachael yamagata, rachel dratch, reading, rebuses, regina spektor, richard montanari, rizzoli & isles, salad, samuel taylor coleridge, sarcasm, sasha alexander, saturday night live, screenplays, secrets, sigourney weaver, silence, silence of the lambs, sketches, skies, snow, socks, solitude, stephen king, street dance, suburgatory, surviving, survivor, sweaters, technology, tess gerritsen, the alien series, the beatles, the good wife, the levites, the reactivity series, the united citizens brigade, tina fey, titration, traveling, twitter, tyrone wells, unicorn hunting, unintelligible conversations, vintage tees, vocabulary, walking in the rain, weekend update, wigs, winter, word play, world history, writing, writing illegibly