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12 November 2009 @ 09:48 pm
Hi guys! Grey's is on in just a few hours, and here's the thing: I. Have. Fic. (Finally.) It was initially supposed to be a post-6x05 one-shot, and then it snowballed into a post-6x06, and then post-6x07, et. al. But I HAVE IT NOW! in it's emotional glory. So, before anything, I'd just like to say that my loyalty lies mostly in M/D. But when it comes to one-shots, I have never been vaguely able to come up with something happy, and fluffy and anything to that effect. I love reading fluffy fics, though, it's just the execution that turns out a little elusive for me. Which is why my tendency to gravitate towards A/I. The brokenness and the tragedies and the dark-and-twisty-ness? It compels me. Greatly. Also, reason why I tried out something vastly different in this fic (you'll know when you read it) was probably due to the song it was inspired by, namely The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson, which was played in an episode of Grey's and is amazing to no end. So yes, change is good.

Anyhoo, without further ado, I present to you (rhyme!)...The One-Shot. I also own nothing. Although it'd be pretty darn sweet if I did.

relapse, an alex-centric one-shotCollapse )

It would have turned out a lot better if I wasn't so pressed for time, so apologies if it isn't that fantastic. But, -sniff-, it's the thought that counts!

I hope you guys liked it, though. Comments are lovely, by the way. ♥


ETA: I hope you guys read this before watching 6x09, though. It wouldn't seem so...well, irrelevant if you did. :)
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Okay, this feels really strange, because I've not done this before. My last fics were back in Year One, and that didn't really count because they were all really bad. Just a little backstory before anything, I had three sources of inspiration for this, which is really rare because I'm currently suffering from a chronic disease called writer's block. Anyway, my first thought actually came from listening to "Die Alone" by Ingrid Michaelson, which probably explains the title, and no points for guessing that it's going to be an Izzie/Alex one-shot. Honestly, I was actually planning an Owen/Cris fic based on "Canal Song" by Iain Archer but that fell flat and it isn't the point. Besides, there were so many parallels between the lyrics of "Die Alone" and Izzie's, uhm, predicament and of course, the SF. I'm serious. Go ahead and listen to it and you'll be able to find more than five of them. Hell, PM me if you must and I'll send it over to you. So my second source of inspiration came from the (rewatch of) SF of season two, where Izzie mentioned that Denny died alone. Go figure. And, I hate to admit this, but what (or who) pushed me to start writing was actually tingthepro, who started writing a multi-chaptered House fic in the middle of Serg's Weekend.

So here it is, my first Grey's fic in a long time. Comments are more than appreciated, and please tell me if there's anything to be improved. If you've not watched the last few episodes of season five, I highly recommend navigating away from this page right now and going back to my memories after you're done watching it because this may be a little spoilerish. And of course, I don't own anything. This is just something I came up with just to keep the faith for season six.

re-arranger of the proverbial bookshelf; an Izzie/Alex one-shotCollapse )

Hope you all liked it.

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